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  1. Q
    How big is my tank?
    That depends on the size of the home, where you live and when the system was installed. The exact information should be on record at town hall, but the general rule is homes with 3 bedrooms have tanks up to 1,000 gallons and homes with 4 or more bedrooms have tanks that range from 1,250- 1,500 gallons.
  2. Q
    What if my tank is not full when you pump it?
    Since the tank maintains an operating level by it's design, when we pump out the contents of the tank we are taking the same number of gallons from each tank regardless of the amount of use the tank has had since it's last cleaning.
  3. Q
    I was told I need a riser, what is that?
    A riser is like a mini manhole that goes from right below the topsoil down to the cover of the tank. It can be from 18"-24" around and it is as deep as the tank is burried. Connecticut State Code (from 2000) requires every cover that is 12" or more below the surface of the ground have a riser installed.
  4. Q
    What qualifications does Monoflo have?
    Aside from 60 years of history on the Shoreline, we are a fully incorporated, fully insured and licensed in the state of Connecticut. We have CDL drivers, who hold all the proper licenses to operate on septic systems in CT.
  5. Q
    What is "runback?"
    We note on the report that we could see signs of runback, that basically means that there was a problem with the system where liquid was going back to the tank from the leaching field. This is important to note because it could indicate other problems with the system.
  6. Q
    Why does 60 years of history matter to me?
    When you are hiring a company to service your septic tank, it is a job that needs to be repeated every 5 years or so.What happens when you call a company that had the best rate last time, but this time they are no longer in business? We've been here, and we'll be here.
  7. Q
    Why is there a cost for my filter?
    When we clean your filter we dig another hole to the filter, remove it, clean it off and replace it. The additional charge is for the labor to dig an additional hole. Most 1,250 gallon, 2 compartment tanks and larger have filters.
  8. Q
    Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes, we offer a discount for Senior Citizens (65 and older), Military personnel (with Military ID), Firefighters and First Responders and Law Enforcement Professionals.